Eterna: The Surgery-Free Solution for Tightening Lax Skin Without Pain or Downtime (Eterna™ from Re

Dec 12, 2023
Eterna: The Surgery-Free Solution for Tightening Lax Skin Without Pain or Downtime (Eterna™  from Re
If you’re looking to tighten lax skin and banish the fine lines and wrinkles that make you appear older than you are, the Eterna™ from Reveal, a radiofrequency platform, can do it for you without any pain or downtime. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Proteins are an essential component of almost every body part, and that includes the skin. Two structural proteins, collagen and elastin, form a support lattice that gives skin its smooth tautness and resilience. Unfortunately, though, by the time you hit your mid-20s, your body starts winding down production of both these proteins, leading to fine lines and wrinkles and lax skin.

There are many ways to address these early signs of aging, but a relative newcomer to the aesthetics field, the Eterna™ laser from Reveal, offers not only a nonsurgical treatment option, but one that also comes without pain or downtime.

At Primecare Family Practice, board-certified family practitioners Maryline Ongangi, APRN, FNP-C and Lewis Nyantika, APRN, FNP-C offer laser treatments for their patients in Arlington, Texas, and that includes the Eterna. Here’s what the team wants you to know about this revolutionary technology.

The Eterna system

Eterna is a radiofrequency (RF) platform designed to effectively address textural concerns in the skin, particularly fine lines and wrinkles that make your skin look lax. Utilizing monopolar RF energy, Eterna heats the middle (dermis) layer of the skin, causing minor “traumas.” The body responds by increasing its production of collagen to heal and tighten the skin. The new fibers are firm and dense, shoring up lax skin and erasing the fine lines.

Eterna differs from other RF systems in that it comes with four different handpieces that allow providers to customize treatment. It can be used on any part of the body, including around the eyes, something lacking in competitors’ products. The handpieces include an 8mm depth penetration for around the eyes, 15mm and 22mm for the face, and 65mm for the body.

Eterna also offers an innovative dermal temperature control system that instantly detects the temperature of the skin and regulates the power delivery accordingly, maintaining appropriate levels throughout the treatment.

The average full-face treatment lasts about half an hour, but the time you spend in the chair may vary, depending on how many areas of the body we’re treating.

We recommend that you drink plenty of water following the treatment to enhance the results and aid in your body's natural healing process. You can resume your normal skin care routine after 24 hours.

Does it hurt? Is there downtime? Are there side effects?

Eterna is completely painless, so there’s no need for an anesthetic or painkillers. There’s also no downtime associated with Eterna, so you can resume your normal activities as soon as you’re through with the treatment. You can expect some light erythema, or redness, immediately afterward, but it should subside within an hour. You may also experience some dryness over the next 1-2 days, so we recommend that you keep hydrated, keep your skin moisturized, and avoid any direct sun exposure for 72 hours if possible.

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